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Anyone coming along to one of our gigs expecting a nice comfortable, fiddly-diddly-dee band are NOT going to have a good evening....Expect dancing on tables, an uncomfortable amount of foul language, the ocassional naked body and things going wrong....That way, you are more likely to enjoy the experience


The Life O'Riley - An experience, best served pissed!


The Life O'Riley boldly and unashamedly borrow the musical genius of The Pogues, The Tossers, Sir Reg, Flogging Molly and Drop Kick Murphies


We also rip off a fair proportion of Traditional Oirish Choons....


During the course of an evening with ourselves, you will be introduced to artistes you never knew WERE Oirish....For example, Bob Marley, Kenny Rogers and R.E.M..!!


Its our Band!!...If we say its Oirish, then its Oirish!!





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