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The Life 0'Riley

...See below for a few facts...

Banned from more pubs than we will ever be invited back to!

The Life O'Riley Irish Band have been pissing landlords and landladies off since 2003


Delivering an uncompromising evening of eclectic Celtic tunes, the band are something of an experience


Do not come along wearing anything that you wouldnt want beer spilled on


We are about as far removed from a Fiddly-diddly-Dee band as you are likely to get


We do NOT do weddings and we are NOT good role models for your kids


Despite being an Oirish Band, we have never had an Irishman in the band


We were banned from O'Neills for being "too Irish!"...Go figure!


Despite your misgivings, we do guarantee you a night that is not going to be forgotten in a hurry and which has, on more than one occasion, ended in Police cells....

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