The Life O'Riley - Dont be mistaking us for a band that gives a sh*t!

17-03-2013 - The Life O'Riley "Three Sheets to the Wined!" is recorded, released and ridiculed - Album (for want of a better word) Number 4!!


17-03-2013 - The band announce their intention to continue during St Patricks Day celebrations at The Kingsland Tavern in St Marys, Southampton during the afternoon and The Royal British Legion, Lymington that evening....Hoofing couple of gigs!!!...Onwards and upwards


07-12-2012 - Lee On Solent Working Mens CLub - Those who bothered to come along had a great night, we had a great night, its just a shame that so few folk support what is a great club....



17-11-2012 - The Waterfront Bar - Southampton - We just are NOT the right band for this lovely bar. Try as hard as you might, you simply cannot fit a square peg through a round hole...



10-11-2012 - The Royal British Legion - Lymington - Cracking Night!!!..NEVER seen it so busy - BLoody glad I stocked up on my pints!!!



02-11-2012 - The Langley Tavern - Langley - Quiet start to the evening, deteriorated into the usual drunken mess mid way through the second set - but not before some gob shite had managed to upset half the band - which we shall choose to forget about...



20-10-2012 - The Queens Head - Gosport - Bouncing night again down at The Queens Head!!!...



14-10-2012 - Shirley Hotel - Southampton - Beer Can Chorus Wedding Anniversary - Everyone survived it!!!...Lets leave it at that!



13-10-2012 - The Admiral Drake - Portsmouth - Legendary pub, fantastic bunch of people...Happily joined in the bloody nonsense we threw their way and a great, sweaty and profane laden night was had by all!!



04-10-2012 - The Cabmans Rest - Super little, struggling boozer - Great bunch of colourful characters , plenty of beer and a punch up - A memorable night, all-in-all!!



28-09-2012 - The Centurion - Crookhorn - A favourite venue of the band!!...The place was bouncing!!..Never seen it busier and what a great great night!!



16-09-2012 - The Icehouse - Southampton - Sunday afternoons as they are meant to be!!...Reverent, Sober and very quiet!!!...



07-09-2012 - The Windsor Castle - Gosport - Its all a bit of a drunken blur - But its always a great night in there!!



31-08-2012 to 01-09-2012 - Great Dorset Steam Fair - 6 x 1 hour gigs in 2 days!!!...OMG!!...What a FANTASTIC experience!! We packed the tents out at each of our gigs and it was a ONCE in a Lifetime experience!!...Didnt change a single thing from what we usually do and yet we still did not get barred (as far as we can ascertain!!) Superb weekend..LOVED it!



25-08-2012 - The Green Dragon - Rowner - Never fails to be a great night!! Plenty of pissed up characters before we even began, jigging around like lunatics once we had begun and then fading away into the night, without any bother after we had finished....WHAT more could we ask for?? Superb night had by all and a great pre-cursor to the Great Dorset Steam Fair



24-08-2012 - The White Hart - Buxted - For my 45th Birthday we all traipsed off in the pissy poury down rain to Buxted which is bloody miles away!...A multiple pile up on the way there, did not improve our sense of humour and we arrived 15 minutes after we were meant to start. Quick set up - no sound check and we were bang into it! 30 odd people had converged on the place and this was apparently something of a record of late....and they all stayed....and we had a bloody fantastic time!!! Thank you to Dave and the pub for my lovely lovely birthday cake!



18-08-2012 - The Bittern - Southampton - Charity Evening - Finished off a superb event organised in support of Muscular Dystrophy. It would be true to say, that whilst that pub has been standing for nigh on 80 years it had not seen anything QUITE like what hit it tonight!! Lovely people - hope the pub survives!!



17-08-2012 - Gosport Punk Festival - Fantastic night amidst the Punks of the South Coast - an excellent job done by Pinky Peter Wallis to organise it - Had a great time and we were, and always WERE going to be, something just a little different!



10-08-2012 - The Cabmans Rest - Its always a great feeling to do our bit for a pub which has seen better days, and for which everyone is trying to pull together!! We just had a cracking night in this venue - a truly superb audience who were well up for it and theres alot to be said for *not judging a book by its cover!!* - Super Super night and we look forwards to going back!



28-07-2012 - The Wig and Quill - Salisbury - A quiet start to the night, but we soon started to draw folk in off of the street and we had ourselves a fun, very warm, very sweaty enjoyable night!


15-07-2012 - The Admiral Drake - Returning to this fine venue after appearing at Drakefest 2012, this was going to be our first gig in the pub proper and with it being a Rock Pub we felt we were always going to struggle, but HOW WRONG could we be??...Fantastic, super charged night, with lots of familiar faces and a banging night was had by all!!


07-07-2012 - Lee on Solent Workies - Its a big place to try and fill and when you dont fill it, it can seem a little bit subdued, however there were a good few there and they made up for the missing contingent. So not a bad night...



01-07-2012 - The Bird in Hand - Fareham - Fantastic Sunday afternoon!!..Where else can you gig where an Irishman falls asleep whilst masturbating in the male toilets cubicle with the door open??? Pub was toppers with varying degrees of pissed-ness and it was a great, sweaty afternoon!!



30-06-2012 - DrakeFest 2012 - The Admiral Drake - Portsmouth - Always the hightlight of any local bands year, is the opportunity to play at The Drakefest!!...The best organised event we have ever played at - Totally awesome support and a bloody fantastic atmosphere!!..Supporting great charities - Fantastic!!



29-06-2012 - The Centurion - Well, we survived!!!...Only a small bit of nakedness, a teeny weeny bit of swearing and a pub full of people who seemed to have had a great night!!



22-06-2012 - The Carisbrooke - Totally Stonking Night!!...Kicked the arse right out of it and it was a fitting way to end our association with a great pub!! Were we barred?...Were we not barred??...Well, personally, I would have barred thats all good! - Great Night



16-06-2012 - The Swan in Woolston - A lovely pub, set in their ways, with a tradition of Rock and so we were always going to be up against it!!...In fairness, those who came along stayed for the night and we managed to win one or two of them over but it brings home the old adage of "Careful what you wish for...." as it had always been a venue we had wanted to play....Well, now we have!



15-06-2012 - Hedge End Social Club - Beer Festival - Went along to support the efforts of this lovely club with their new venture of a Beer Festival!!...Great night - Thank GOD England won!!



02-06-2012 - The Bishops Blaize - Romsey - Clearly The New Inn was the lull before the storm as this was one hell of a gig!!..Always a fantastic night and there must be a story in there somewhere as Steves boxer shorts were found on the roof of the car the next morning!!! Awesome gig with awesome people - and well done to Rolf (courtesty of StonePig) on the whackers!!



25-05-2012 - The New Inn - Gosport - Not sure we are the right band for this lovely pub. Then again, perhaps we pissed too many of them off the last time we were there...but a few faces we recognise made up for a quiet night...



06-05-2012 - The Langley Tavern - What a gig!!!...Sunday and we are going STRAIGHT to HELL for that one!!!...Fantastic evening with great, friendly folk and a big shout out to everyone who went along to support us!



04-05-2012 - The Bader Arms - Tangmere ...Farewell to yet another pub, swallowed up by the One Stop/Tesco conglomerate...Its another sad loss for the community who dont even realise what they have allowed to happen...Great night though and a fitting send off for Dave and the family!



28-04-2012 - The Green Dragon - Gosport - OMG!!..How many drunken, crazy, friendly and yet bouncy folk can you fit in any one place!!..Superb atmosphere in one of THE finds of the last 2 years gigging!!...A pub as intimdating as you like when you walk in turns out to be THE best place we have gigged in may a gig!!...Just awesome! Look forwards to St Patricks Night 2013 with you all - which incidentally we are sharing with The Punk Pirates and The Beer Can Chorus and which is going to be THE LAST night we perform and WHAT a night that will prove to be!! - Tickets are available at the Venue £7.50



21-04-2012 - Cracking CRACKING night up at The Curlew in Havant!!..Plenty of new faces and some splendid old faces made for a very enjoyable night!! We are back in December and then we have our Farewell Weekend gig with you guys on the Friday 15th March 2013!



14-04-2012 - The Life O'Riley complete with dep'ing Drummer Rolf (Stonepig) have a great night at the "End of Season" gig at Romsey Rugby Club - Great bunch of folk, some friendly local faces, cheap beer and good fun, what more could anyone want for a night out?


07-04-2012 - The Life O'Riley mosey along to a new venue - The Wig and Quill in Salisbury. Always a challenge playing a new venue, but whilst it started off slow, it soon picked up...We managed to entice folk in off the street who had never used the pub before - and they stayed - so all in all - a result!! Allan - so very kindly lent to us from Kellys Tattoo was an absolute star on the fiddle and mandolin!


05-04-2012 - Sam, the fiddle playing Chimp chops his own finger off while baking scones - resulting in a near meltdown within the band ahead of the weekends gig in Salisbury!


17-03-2012 - The Life O'Riley play The Joiners - Southampton - St Patricks Day 2012


Gracing the stage which has previously hosted the likes of Oasis, The Libertines, ColdPlay, The Verve, Kaiser Chiefs to name but a few will be another satisfying tick in the taskbook of life!


14-03-2012 - The Life O'Riley play The Great Dorset Steam Fair - August 31st 2012 - September 1st 2012


This is going to be uber-messy!! Find the details for what times we are playing via the Gigs page