The Life O'Riley : An experience best served pissed!!

IT has been fun, but the band announce that we intend to call it a day on March 17th 2015 due to health and sanity reasons! Until then we intend to continue to add venues to the list of places from which we are effectively barred!



We are not the best behaved band you are ever likely to come across. We have never taken a gig expecting to be invited back and there is nothing to suggest that that is likely to change any time soon!!...


We are NOT the band that you want at your wedding!! It may well be the happiest and most special day of your lives, but ask yourself this question: Do we *really* want 12 stone of drunken, potentially naked, lout dancing on our top table??


It is much safer to pop on some clothes you wouldnt mind beer being spilled on and come along to one of our soirees


If you feel some urgent need to book the band, to come along and do what we do (as there is less than no chance we will change what we do to suit you) then give us a shout


The Life O'Riley is a Not-for-profit organisation - We do NOT make profit...We drink Profit!!


Our fees for 2013 are £350.00 per gig within a 50 mile radius of Junction 11 of the M27 and I am past being ashamed of charging that, recession or NO recession as we are bloody worth it!...and more!...We do however do a booking deal - if we are booked twice in a year its £300.00 and thrice (if that word exists) then it is £250.00





ST Patricks Night - March 17th -  Venue TBC










Assuming you have a scant regard for Health and Safety, and would like to book the band to come along and do what we do, as theres not much chance of us modifying it to please you, then feel free to  Contact us